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wednesday 3.9.05

an update (finally). due to a very bothersome virus, i have been crazy busy reinstalling and updating. then, of course, along came university, which is awesome, it adds so much to the gameplay. and as a bonus, my newly cleaned out computer (i lost ALL my downloads) runs the game super fast. so i've been playing a lot. but my sorority girls must have cute outfits, so there are three new skins for young adults. the clothes are all from urban outfitters and; adorable. not to mention a brand new gorgeous community lot from deckerfamily03. i'm all fired up to make young adult stuff, so email me with any requests (include pictures!). next update coming very soon; hope to see ya'll back. :)

monday 2.7.05

welcome, fellow simmers, to my brand new site. only a few downloads so far, but much more on the way. check out the lots page for a brand new exclusive house by deckerfamily03, who has been featured by maxis on the exchange; it includes a huge gazebo, a garden pathway, and an attic bedroom. on the hair page is new glossy ringlets in two colors, and in skins is a mischievous pixie based on art by amy brown. have fun, and happy simming.



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